Elegant year-round pillows filled with 100% alpaca fiber. 
Products made of alpaca wool have unique thermoregulatory hypoallergenic properties. 
With our pillows you will have a healthy, pleasant and restful sleep.


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We offer you pillows filled with alpaca fibre, which has got very valuable properties.  The lining of our products is 100% alpaca fleece, which we receive from our own, carefully selected alpacas. As alpaca enthusiasts we give them what is best for them, therefore the fleece of our animals is delicate, soft, elastic and at the same time very strong.

Sheathing of our pillows is made of 100% natural smooth and densely woven exclusive cotton in ecru color. This makes it pleasant to the touch and let the fibre breath inside. A cotton piping available in three different colors perfectly finishes off our elegant pillows.

Alpaca fibre pillows are definitely extraordinary products with unusual properties. These products conform to the human body temperature during the sleep and do not retain moisture, making them ideal for those who suffer from excessive sweating. Each alpaca fibre contains plenty of air pockets through which wool has excellent insulation properties and is also extremely lightweight. Moreover, alpaca wool is not nutritious for mites and does not contain an animal wax - lanolin, so that products made from it are friendly to asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Our pillows are ecological, healthy and at the same time exclusive products.


Available sizes:

- 40x40cm
- 50x60cm

- 40x60cm (for babies)

Available piping color:

- cream
- green
- checked beige 

Other sizes on request! Please send us a message!

Process of making pillows and duvets

Shearing alpacas (once a year)
Manual cleaning and washing wool from all impurities
Carding wool, so that it is more accurately cleaned, combed and arranged evenly
Careful distribution of the fibers on cotton
Hand draw an quilting
Sewing, trimming finish
This much alpaca fiber is contained in our goods
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