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We all know the old adage "as you make your bed, so you must lie in it". Night's sleep is an important part of everyone's life, it regenerates the body, contributes to the well-being and improves productivity during the day. Undoubtedly, it is also a pleasure, which positively affects the quality of our functioning. So how do you take care of a healthy, restful and restorative sleep? We have only one answer here: the alpacas!


Alpacas are very gentle, but somewhat timid animals from South America. They have a rare and luxurious fleece, which has many valuable properties. Even the ancient Incas appreciated it. Why? Well, it is characterized by an extremely thin but also strong and elastic fiber. It is at the same time light, fluffy, pleasant to the skin and soft to the touch. Alpaca wool also has the unique properties of thermoregulation and hypoallergenic - it has the ability to maintain proper body temperature in all weather conditions. In addition, it does not stop moisture and prevents the development of mites. All these features make the alpaca fiber ideal for everyone: babies, children, adults, for healthy people, allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

In 2013, as ALPAKINO farm we joined the small group of alpaca breeders in Poland. We put our whole heart into care of these amazing animals and constantly strive for excellence in it. This enables us to obtain the highest quality fleece. We carefully clean, wash and card the fleece. Then we dress it in exclusive, densely woven cotton, creating a unique quilts and pillows. We do this all by hand, with careful precision to preserve the natural values and characteristics of this remarkable fleece. No words would give feelings of pleasure, which gives the sleep in the products made from alpaca fiber. Fortunately, now you can find out about it yourself, enjoy!

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